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Upper helix plain ear cuff

The tiny Anais ear cuff wrap around the upper helix part of your ear. This ear cuff is designed for non pierced ears and is easy to put on! This ear wrap is available in solid sterling silver, or 14k gold plated sterling silver.

How to wear ear cuffs?

Ear cuffs are the perfect way to accessorize your ear without having to get multiple piercings, and bonus, you can change style every day! In addition, Ve's ear cuffs are small enough to be stacked so that you can wear two or three cuffs on the same ear.

We do not suggest wearing identical ear cuffs on both ears. You can either wear just one on one ear for a simple yet stylish look. Or you can wear two different styles or sizes of ear wraps on each ear, or you can stack many on one ear. We love to do that!

How to put on ear wrap earrings?

Stand in front of a mirror, hold your ear cuff parallel to your ear. Insert your ear cuff at the thinnest part of your ear and slide it down to where your want to wear it. Make sure it's secured in place. It should feel comfortable.

Handmade ear cuff in Montreal, Canada

  • Metal: solid sterling silver (925 silver) or 14k gold plated silver (one-micron plating)
  • Opening 3.6 mm, internal diameter 7.8 mm, 2.6 mm wide
  • This listing is for one ear cuff