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These extremely lightweight earrings are a new edition of our classic Pendulum earrings (1 of 5 lace designs of the same name shown in the images). These are slightly smaller than our previous editions (pictured on models) as the proportions were carefully recalibrated to fit this magnificent double layered high quality vintage lace. Unfortunately we currently don’t have a photo on model at this time. A perfect balance between size, weight and shape, they tend to elongate the neck delicately, suit almost everyone and fit every season. The most comfortable statement earrings you may ever wear (and never want to remove). Thanks to their lightweight, they also happen to make great clip-ons for those who would love to wear earrings but don't have their ears pierced.

Pendulum earrings are composed of hand dyed vintage lace, offered in our full color palette with a long bronze chain, finished with a vintage bronze pendant (patina may be visible adding to the uniqueness of the piece).

Colours offered include black, pewter gray (not shown), white, terracotta (rust), mustard (ochre yellow), beige (sand) (not shown), desert rose (dusty pink), magenta (beetroot pink), burgundy (red wine), violet (purple), navy (dark blue), teal (dark turquoise), evergreen (dark emerald) and dark moss (army green).