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This cuff is made with a ball pattern thread in gold filled and it is sold individually. It is designed for non-pierced ear cartilage and is available in 2 sizes. We suggest measuring with a millimeter ruler the part in the middle of the ear to determine the size you need. The model wears the regular cuff with an 8.5 mm wide ear (see photo).

Materials: 14k gold filled


Wire: 1.5mm

REGULAR: Inner diameter of 8.5 mm (for an ear of 8.5 mm wide and less)

LARGE: 10mm inner diameter (fits an ear 8.5mm wide and larger)

You can adjust it by gently crushing with your fingers once in place. Note that bending and unbending the metal can weaken it and cause it to crack. Once you have adjusted your earring, leave it as is when putting it on and taking it off.

This model is designed according to standard measurements. The part of your ear may be more or less wide. If in doubt contact us!